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Version 9.35 Aug 22, 2017 release (left click to view new features)
General Annoucements

=========================== VERSION UPDATE HISTORY

Read this article after every version "number" or version "date" change!

Version 9.35 8/22/2018
Version 9.35 08/28/2014
UPDATED ALL CURRENT LICENSES TO Jan 1, 2015-EVERYONE NEEDS TO UPDATE NOW-We are now going to a 4 month update cycle instead of every 3 months....
Version 9.35 05/29/2014

Updated the URL change of address for sending ACH transactions to Money Movers of America.

Version 9.35 01/31/2014
Updated the URL change of address for sending ACH transactions to Money Movers of America.
Adjusted the color compatability on the Utilities/Auto Pay screen.
Added the ability to disable auto pay credits during the auto pay payment process.
Version 9.35 11/25/2013
Version 9.35 12/23/2012
Corrected click display on Sunday selection box on the Class Filter screen
Added Roll Memo field to the attendance screen
Version 9.35 08/27/2012
Updated ach link and license dates
Version 9.34 5/28/2012
Version 9.33 2/23/2012
UPDATED ALL CURRENT LICENSES TO Jun 1, 2012-EVERYONE NEEDS TO UPDATE NOWCorrected the ability to "run autopay for marked customers only" Added the area code onto the aged receivables report.
Added the ability to sort the all payments batch summary screen by "post date" rather than by batch number.
   This allows users to view your batches in the same chronological order as your bank deposits. This makes it easier to reconcile EFT and Credit Card batches to your acconting software and your online banking balances.
Version 9.33 11/27/2011
Version 9.32 09/15/2011
Please update your VCS software to 9.32 dated 9/15/2011. There has been some cosmetic changes on some of the screens since the forced update. Also, a code error has been corrected pertaining to ACH & and credit card processing.
Version 9.32 08/29/2011
Added the optional/unlimited class enrollment and any make-up classes to the weekly class roll report and to the private lesson/camp&clinic schedule sheet report
Increased the length of the student roll note on the class roll reports
Added the ability to use Process Pink Payments "vault id" to credit card processing. This includes a screen on the customer payment information tab to allow maintaining information in the vault. We also added additional purge functions to allow quick removal of sensitive data and auto pay statuses. Credit card information may now be stored offsite thus providing an additional level of security. This is optional to gyms processing credit cards through Visual Class Soft.
Several little things have been enhanced on the class screen schedule tab.
Added the ability to schedule unlimited classes has been added.  This will allow you to schedule a students for a class period outside of their regularly scheduled classes without it being a make-up class. A special screen is provided to aid in determining whether a student is eligible for additional classes.
Added restriction to check for a unique term date
Add information popup to warn that when changing an EFT or a CC charge to a different customer - drafting information may have to be changed as well - the office should do this manually
Version 9.31 05/25/2011
Version 9.30 02/22/2011
Version 9.30 11/21/2010
Fixed systat and timerlogo error problems
Version 9.30 08/23/2010
Added fields needed for On-Line-Registration - coming soon
Version 9.29 11/24/09
Added a "total" number count on batch report for each pay type - DONE 11/24/09
Rate code fees - Changed the hourly billing setup to accept 6 digits.  The system willl allow more than $100 per hour for hourly billing for classes and private lessons being billed by hourly calculation - DONE 11/24/09
Version 9.28 08/24/09
Added a capability to choose unmarked only on the registration auto billing screen-DONE 8/12/09
Fixed a bug on the Manual Billing Screen that occured when billing a camp or clinic class. This bug was related to the one below fixed on 6/9/09 -DONE 6/12/09
Fixed a bug in the print "class rolls/signature rolls" option on the class screen that occured when printing "camp/clinic" class roll reports -DONE 6/9/09

Version 9.28 05/21/09
Forced update license dates have been changed to Sep 1st, 2009
Version 9.28 03/17/09
Fixed bug when changing a staff user ID-DONE 3/14/09
Added the ability to export the "Job Group Description" as "Class" when doing exports from time manager to Quickbooks-DONE 3/13/09
Added customer email address to student grids on communication, customer, and customer selection screens - DONE 3/13/09

Version 9.28 03/10/09
Updated the Help File-DONE 3/10/09
Fixed problem on individual class copy function on add class screen so that class schedules are only copied for weekly classes-DONE 3/9/09
Made credit card void recalculate batch totals and customer balance-DONE 3/9/09
Made West-Wind email error messages time out after one minute so VCS does not stop long email list left to run after hours-DONE 3/9/09

Added an option to suppress the criteria subheading on any applicable reports on report screen. This will save space when a large number of separate criteria were selected (for example, selecting a dozen specific AR items). DONE - 3/9/09
Disabled critical buttons on autopay screen when SAVE/UNDO is required until SAVE or UNDO are clicked. DONE 3/9/09
Fixed problem with agency record not being disabled on tiution and PL tabs of  manual billing screen.  DONE 3/9/09
Allow Access to the notes file on the attendence screen for coaches/teachers or non-access personel. This will allow coaches on the attendance screen to request class changes to specific office management staff during the time they are inputting attendance. Office staff may also return notes to the teachers at the same time-DONE 3/7/09
Added function to Merge & Purge screen to print report of class schedule times and durations that are outside normal day and adjust them if desired. DONE: 3/07/09
Fix payroll period lock check to allow for 13 day end-of-February period-DONE 3/3/09
Added output of job group description as class to time screen QB export-DONE 3/3/09
Changed communication screen to use CC: and BCC: fields for emails. This replaces the prompts for whether to send email to customer email, mailing address email, or both. The customer email address will be used unless there is an email address in the mailing address email field; CC: and BCC: email address lists will be used if they have been entered in the mailing address section. DONE 2/27/09
Added ability to use CC: and BCC: email address lists when emailing statements. Note: Enter address lists in billing address section of customer screen other info tab; separate multiple addresses with comma. Main email address will still be the email address in billing address section if entered or else it will be the email address in mailing address section if enered or else it will be the customer email address; the street address used on the printed statement still uses original rules. There must be a valid main email address and customer billing method must be set to use email in order to send emailed statement; invalid CC: or BCC: addresses will be reported but will not prevent email to main email address. DONE 2/25/09

Added ability to enter CC and BCC email address lists on the the customer screen "Other Info" tab-Done 2/22/09
Fix problem with lockup on class screen when changing date of week  after edit on camp/clinics/private lessons tab of class screen-DONE 2/19/09

Fix error when calculating period number when copying single period to next week  on camp/clinics/private lessons tab of class screen-Done 2/19/09
Version 9.28 02/17/09
Changed the user forced update expiration dates to June 1st, 2009-DONE 2/17/09
Fix problems on team screen:
Add check for incorrect week in attendance table and delete if found-DONE 2/17/09
Extend certification ID on coach tab to 4 characters-DONE 2/17/09
Fix references to certifications in Coach Meet Info report to find data in new tables-DONE 2/17/09
Added code to prevent data changes in a reversal pair after switching tabs & creating tuition charges and no charges are created-DONE 2/16/08
Adjust custom table screen to properly display new report options-DONE 2/14/09
Add cancelled and holiday class periods to classes which can be selected for makeup or shown on student attendance screen-DONE 2/14/09
Included past and current transferred classes on manual billing screen when "Include dropped classes" is checked and current transferred classes with future transfer date regardless of checkbox-DONE 2/14/09
Add check to prevent using pay from escrow when billing escrow on manual billing other charges tab and auto billing special class billing tab-DONE 2/14/09
Fixed tab order on customer screen where new phone fields were added-DONE 2/11/09
Changed charge grids to show partially paid charges with brown letters-DONE 2/11/09 
Version 9.27 02/02/09
Add button in VCSFIX  program to force update upon restart of VCS.
Add cellphone 2 to cust screen and grids, add memos to both cellphone 1 and cellphone 2.
Add ability to exclude undistributed and unincluded charges in payment accounting period reports.
Added customer marked only checkbox to Camps/Clinics/PL tab on Auto-billing screen.
Added customer marked only checkboxes to Create Autopay Batch functions for both CC and EFT on Autopay screen

Version 9.27 01/20/09
Help file updated-DONE 1/20/09
Tweaked pay period calculation for half month pay periods. Always end the first part of the month on the 15th day-DONE 1/20/09

Custom Report Screen: Separated grouping and vertical/horizontal options to allow for grouping selection on vertical reports; added combined grouping options and ability to add other fields to group line; changed negative length to indicate number of spaces between fields on same line; added more instructions on screen and color indicators to grid to hi-lite negative lengths and current sort order; added INSERT button to insert a field just before the currently selected field instead of at the end like the MOVE button-DONE 1/20/09
Add "Remove Future Drop" option to class screen roll tab - shows as alternate caption to "Drop Student From Class"  button when future drop student is selected. This is used on a student who has been already tagged to drop on a future date. Beacuse of the future date the student remains on the current class roll screen. This button removes the future drop if a child changes his mind before the drop date occures-DONE EVENING 1/15/09

Version 9.27 01/15/09
Help File Topics Updated-DONE 1/15/09

Add "Mark Cust" and "Mark Stud" buttons to student log screen, "Mark Staff" to employee log screen - DONE 1/14/09
Change Dist. by Class Payment Range report to default to all billing types checked when include non-class charges is clicked; include both tuition and Camps/Clinics/PL when not clicked-DONE 1/8/08
Fixed VCSFIX program to correctly zip files when using "ZIP ALL FOR ARCHIVE PURPOSES" button and "ZIP ALL AND EMAIL TO VCS" button-DONE 1/8/09

Fixed the time order sort on all the class selection grids-DONE 1/7/09
Add option to include all customers on tuition autobilling tab - use when billing future and past classes-DONE 1/6/09
Added prompts when doing emails on communication screen to send email to both customer and mailing email address "or" to send to only customer email address (otherwise will send to mailing email address if entered or else customer email address)-DONE 1/5/09
Version 9.27 12/01/08
Increased the speed during the creation of the charge grids on all sceens where used especially the "All Charges" and "Distribution Screens"-DONE 1/1/09
Added the ability to select by AR  Group on All Charges Screen-DONE 1/1/09
Added AR Group to all charge grids-DONE 1/1/09
To accomodate athletic club monthly and/or annual membership fee "manual" and "automatic billing" and accounting reports the following 2 functions have been added:
1) Allow Sorting and Grouping of the Membership Fee Cycles by coding the first letters in the Descriptions-Done 1/1/09
2) Added an option on the "System Screen / Accounting and Class Roll Options Tab" to use the Membership Date as a "contract end date". Automatically stop membership billing with the last month of contract if billed monthly (Type MEM) or if contract end date is not after end of aniversary month if billed annually on aniversary date (Type MEA). Add a rompt to the manual billing screen to stop a membership billing only if a proper contract date is entered or expired-DONE 1/3/09
On the Time Clock Manager:
Added a splitter button to auto create Job Code changes to match the scheduled Job Codes so staff does not have to remember to change job codes. This addition to the VCS software is dedicated to Frank Sahlein. Now you can "easily relate" every payroll minute paid to the class programs and/or class types and "in minutes" you can also export this detail to Quickboods in seconds-DONE 1/03/09
Add option to select by "type of billing" and or "group" when using "include non-class items" option when executing the "Distribution by Class Payment Range" report-requested by John at Reflex Gymnastics-DONE 12/29/08
Add button to remove makeups on attendence screen-DONE 12/28/08
Add checks for date range to date select buttons on class screen PL schedule tab-DONE 12/28/08

Add setting of day of week flags in class roll and class tables  to system verification calculations-DONE 12/28/08
Allow adding or removing a student from PL or Camp & Clinic periods directly from the "Schedule/Attendance Screen". This is a student "quick add" or "quick delete" that does not adjust all total  counts in all files. If users use this short cut you should do a  system verification to modify all class counts shortly afterward or before exiting the system for the day-DONE 12/24/08

Version 9.27 12/22/08
Added option to send short form for EFT and CC notifications-Thank you Blue Ridge Gymnastics for your suggestion-DONE 12/22/08
Added option for multi-field lines for custom report vertical format
To use this, make the length zero or negative for fields which will be added to previous line. Negative length puts a space in between, zero does not (can use to join area code with phone number). Only the first field's formatting will be used  (title, font, fontsize, format). For area code+phone number, use a format of  @R (999)X999-9999 if including space or @R (999)999-9999 if not.  NOTE: all fields involved must be character type (C) - date,logical,and  numerical fields will be skipped if set up this way-DONE 12/22/08
Modified PL Schedule Sheet on the class screen to allow option of including unfilled slots-DONE 12/20/08
Make copy classes function on time screen allow copying one week to start of new term for private lessons-DONE 12/18/08
Add receipt button to all payment batch screen-DONE 12/15/08
Fix display of meet fee dropdown on team screen schedule tab-DONE 12/15/08
Move Utilities/Merge&Purge screen functions to tabs in order to increase space and decrease confusion-DONE 12/15/08
Add function to Merge&Purge screen to allow removal of unused private lesson periods to avoid problems with 999 period limit-DONE 12/15/08
Add funtion to Merge&Purge Screen to set roll record level2 value to class default-DONE 12/15/08
Add function to Merge&Purge Screen to blank out last reg billing dates-DONE 12/15/08
Add Option to Merge&Purge Screen Purge Data function to purge system and error log files -DONE 12/15/08
Bug: Fixed bug in Time Clock Manager displaying a conflict with another time clock record-DONE 12/12/08
Bug: Fixed bug on the escrow report on customer total line not totaling properly-DONE 12/12/08
VCS can now transmit monthly recurring credit card transactions  to the MMOA gateway giving us a choice of two gateways. The MMOA  gateway does not require a static IP address. We also can use a  MagTek card swipe instead of a terminal to take card present  credit card transactions. There are advantages and disadvantages  to both systems. One future advantage will be the ability to do  point of sale (POS) credit card transactions with the data  automatically entering Visual Class Soft directly form the card  swipe to the customer account without the necessity to do key  board input-DONE 12/9/08

Change letter/label printing on the Prospect screen prospect screen to allow unique when using grid select order as well as zipcode order letter/label printing-DONE 12/7/08
Change letter/label printing on comm screen to allow unique when using grid select order as well as zipcode order (address to customers using student or roll grid, address to student when using roll grid)-Done 12/7/08

Version 9.27 12/06/08
Added options for vertically formated custom reports with one, two, three, four or five columns with or without a line dividing records. Note that at this time these options do not include grouping and totaling options, and ignore field length (it is set to whatever room is available between the field title and the right side of the column). To get the maximum room for the field value, set the margin to zero, use smaller fonts, and shorten any long field titles-DONE 12/5/08

The one column vertical reports will allow a multiple line (word wraping) memo field as long as is the last field chosen-DONE 12/6/05
Changed the user expiration dates to 3/1/09 for all active VCS customers
On the Utility Time Structure screen - Added the ability to only copy active classes without copying inactive classes from a previous term.
Version 9.26 11/16/08
Add the customer emergency AC/Phone to the customer grid-DONE 11/17/08 late afternoon
Added code to Validate class "beginning & end dates" dates when copying forward teacher schedules on the "Time Manager" screen-DONE 11/16/08

Modified the add & copy "time block buttons". The end time now exactly fills in the time till next block if it is within 1 hr-DONE 11/16/08
Change status dropdown to separate checkboxes on employee and student history log screens-DONE 11/16/08

Version 9.26 11/14/08
Added a new help topic to give an overall description of Registration Fee Billing-DONE 11/14/08

Add ability to select students to autobill registration by student "marked" field-DONE 11/14/08

Changed the code in Utilities Auto Special Billing post command to decrease delay caused by recalculating customer balances-DONE 11/14/08

Add filter for active/inactive employees on employee history screen-DONE 11/13/08

Added a "copy job codes" button on the staff job code screen to allow the copying of similar job codes from a compatible staff member-DONE 11/12/08

Version 9.26 11/09/08
Add ability (button) to pull in a single class period from the class schedule on the time manager screen-DONE 11/9/08

Expand export fields in display of grid on time clock setup screen job code grid-DONE 11/9/08

Fix problem with delete function on payment screen when other screens are open - made screen close to avoid problem with needing to reopen all 16 files used on screen-DONE 8/7/08

Version 9.26 11/06/08
Change Distribution screen so leaving screen in any way will prompt to save or undo unsaved changes

Add Alt-Q hotkey to exit screen when stuck in error loop. Note that this will not save changes and disables all error reporting. Once back to main menu, exit normally and then restart VCS before continuing.
Add employee HR(human resources) information/history screen-DONE 11/5/08

Add student history screen for use to keep track of skill progressions,shot records, parent meetings etc.-DONE 11/5/08

Doubled the length of the student organization number on the team meet enrollment screen to enable multiple organization entries-DONE 11/5/08
Added a student count column on the class# report on the class screen - removed the manager column to allow for more room needed for the student count-DONE 11/02/08

Added a data verification warning to unreasonable dates entered to all non-grid text boxes-DONE 11/02/08

Modified the new check for duplicate feature to default to a blank date when scheduling a new birthday party/private lesson-DONE 10/25/08
Version 9.25 10/20/08
Fixed display of item on auto billing screen late payment tab.
Payment Screen: Fixed refresh on Customer Info tab
VCS Fix program: Added ability to zip and upload data files only
Version 9.25 10/10/08
Add field to staff table to exclude staff member from appearing on Who's Here and Time Manager screens - use for pseudo-staff such as Parent Waiting Room and owners who need access to VCS but don't actively participate in daily operations-DONE 10/10/08
Fixed Manual charge input from accepting a blank bill date-DONE 10/10/08
Add a button on the top of the utility screen to activate VNC viewer-DONE 10/9/08
Added the option to use the MMOA credit card gateway rather than Orbital for use where Orbital is impractical-DONE 10/5/08
Version 9.25 10/01/08
Add limitation of item list on autobilling screen class billing tab to item from date and till date overlapping class start and end date-DONE 10/1/08
Increased speed of calculations done when changing period data on scheduling tabs of class screen and added a new checkbox located next to inactive and marked checkboxes on top area of class screen to suppress period scheduling conflict check which would otherwise be done as part of the period calculations - DONE 10/01/08
Adjusted permissions to allow an administrator to process backups and restore procedures-DONE 9/24/08
Make ability to view credit card and EFT info on customer screen payment info tab  for both cashiers and front desk depend on setting on the Utility Setup System screen; otherwise only system administrators can see it.. Only system administrators can change this setting (regular administrators can neither see this data or change the setting unless they also have the additional required privileges)-DONE 9/23/08
Made autopay method and paytype always visible on customer screen payment info tab-DONE 9/23/08
Add an extra option for printing labels on the communication and prospect screens which allows the setting of an addtional left margin to adjust for quirks of individual printers. Note that this value will not be saved like other label options and thus must be set each time. Thanks to Mike Mascaro of Starz Elite in Knoxville for this suggestion. - DONE 9/23/08
Version 9.25 09/21/08                                            
Add the escrow balance criteria to the communication screen "customer selection" criteria-DONE 9/21/08
Add special events report to customer screen PL/event tab-DONE 9/21/08
Add escrow balance to customer grids-DONE 9/21/08 Fix bug with invalid backup drive-DONE 9/21/08
Fix bug with multiple trial classes from attendance screen-DONE 9/21/08
Fix bug with all PL classes not showing on teacher schedule report-DONE 9/21/08
Fix bug that caused deletion of staff note if note canceled in timeclock program-DONE 9/21/08
Version 9.25 09/20/08
Added escrow balance field to customer screen and balance forward statements, recalculated in places where distribution is changed or balance is calculated including system verification, payment, manual billing, autobilling, autopay, and distribution screens-DONE 9/20/08
Added restriction to the payment Adjustment Screen to not allow changes from credit card to EFT or vice versa or from either type to or from other paytypes. Will pop up warning message if this is attempted, suggest unposting batch and changing type on payment screen, and then will undo change and exit screen-DONE 9/16/08

 Version 9.25 09/15/08
Upgraded Visual FoxPro runtime files to Service Pack 2
Updated help file to include additions to the "Time Management" section.
Added code to check any time overlap of individual periods within the same class
On the reports screen - printing statements & aged receivable reports - added an options to exclude staff
On the reports screen for printing statements and aged receivable reports- added an option to print only bad dept customers (those with a memo with a "B"statis. If charges have been removed then no statement will be printed.
Fixed bug which caused incorrect display of the original class date when displaying makeup students on the attendance screen
Made Special Events grid on Customer Screen camps/Clinics/PL/Events tab work like Camps&Clinics/PL grid so a date range can be selected and it can be set to show special events for a teacher or for a customer. Formerly it would only show events for a customer for all dates.
Fixed bug which caused SAVE button to not be enabled when selecting the host(customer) for a special event on the Class Screen Events Schedule Tab.
Version 9.25 09/7/08
Added separate default time clock options for salaried and hourly employees on the "system setup timeclock tab"
Added ability to have supervisor notes pop-up for viewing when employee clocks in on the time clock program. To use find most recent clock in for employee on the time manager screen, enter supervisor note, and then check the display supervisor note check box located immediately above the supervisor note. Check box will automatically become unchecked once the employee has viewed the note.
Set time clock screen so that it will automatically clear login after 5 minutes of no action.

Enabled the ability on the VCS system information screen to check whether any copies of the time clock program are running and shut them down if they are running. This will help when doing remote VCS updates.

Version 9.25 08/31/08
Added a special report for private lessons showing all private lessons with students scheduled (including makeups) for a specific day. The report is arrainged with time blocks listed vertically and class discriptions listed across the top. Students are displayed in the blocks by first name and last initial. This report will work better for private lessons compared to the regular roll reports because the regular reports do not display the time of the period in a convienient manner.

Version 9.25 08/27/08
Finished help file update including time report screen
Fixed bugs in PL billing
Added Schedule vs Actual report to time report screen
Version 9.25 08/18/08
Updated all qualified user expiration dates to the next forced update on 12/01/08 - All users must update their Visual Class Soft software before September 1st 2008........ 
Any users who continue to receive the system startup "expiration date warning" after updateing to VCS Version 9.25 should call Classroom Systems to verify payment of the required license fees-DONE 8/17/08 
The Time Clock Manager is now approved for use with the Version 9.25 update!!!!

BETA testing is now completed! Visual Class Soft is the first and only gym management system to "integrate" this service as an addition to it's main product. The "Time Clock Manager"  addition is free to all VCS Gold users. It is a powerful new tool that will save dozens of office time hours spent calculating employee payroll time; and it will also possibly save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in payroll miscalculations and employee abuses. A "one-time" set-up/training fee will be necessary to insure the proper use of this massive new software system. A VCS export feature to Quickbooks is also included at no additional charge.
Added the comparison reports on the Time Manager Reports Screen-DONE 8/17/08

Added a period close function on the Time Manager Reports Screen which locks the records for the pay period and updates the dates of the period on the system screen-DONE 8/17/08
Changed a major concept within the camp, clinic, and private lesson billing billing process. We added the quantity concept to show the total periods billed (quantity) within the specific AR Item that is being billed. This reduces the number of invoices within an AR Item to one instead of many. The AR Items also show a quantity billed when printing statements and doing distributions. Changed the order of the period display on the camp and Clinic and Privite Lesson scheduling tab and the enrollment screen period selection list so that they will be in order by the date and time rather than the period number. DONE 8/13/08
Version 9.24 08/07/08

Added prompt to allow wait list report to print by either date or class code DONE 8/7/08

Added option on system screen to include private lessons in student class counts DONE 8/7/08

Updated Help File to include new time clock screens and other changes since last update DONE 8/7/08

Added "General Export Reports" on the Time Manager Reports screen-DONE 8/5/08

Added the ability on the "Distribution of Class Payment Range" report to combine selected credit cards on the report groupings.

Added QuickBooks verification code to verify the employee data exported to QuckBooks before entering the employee clock in time history into the Quickbooks files.-DONE 7/31/08

Added verification against QuickBooks Employee List File (the QBooks IIF File) to the timeclock QuickBooks Export Function-DONE 7/31/08
Also added other error checking and marking of records as exported to the export function-DONE 7/31/08

Modified mailing address list reports on Communication, Customer and Prospects screens to give option to separate City, State & Zip into separate fields where reqired for export to external mailing programs-DONE 7/29/08

Time Manager "Mass Insert Screen" is now completed-DONE 7/27/08
Added Staff data verification button to the staff job code screen-DONE 7/27/08

Modified and Added more capabilities to the Communication Screen. You can now use the set marked capabilities to mark teachers as well as customers to excude or include for filtering and printing labels, letters and emails-DONE 7/25/08

Added a template screen off of the Time Clock Manager Screen to enable the ability to create and save time block templates for use in non-class situations. Some examples are staff meetings, home and away meets, regional congresses, clinics, sleepovers ETC.-Done 7/26/08

THE WHO'S HERE SCREEN IS A GREAT SCREEN!!!!!!!! ANY GYM WHO DECIDES TO USE THE TIME CLOCK MANAGER THIS FALL WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS SCREEN!!!!!!!!!! What a big help in controling overtime and potential employee time clock abuses.

The following has been completed on the Who's Here Screen:
Check All/Uncheck All Button-DONE 07/23/08
Time Status Legond-Put this in the tool tips-DONE 07/23/08
Added "Who Was Here" button to look up staff attendence by the day and by the moment of that particular day. This is important in insurance investications etc.-DONE 07/23/08    
Corrected Time Clock Error Message occuring during while using break clockout functions- Subscript is outside defined range-DONE 07/XX/08
Corrected the "exclusive file locking problem" on the "Clock In/Clock Out Screen" when doing an auto billing in the main VCS program.
You may do autobilling while the "Clock In/Clock Out Screen" is running in the coaches office-Done 7/23/08
Version 9.24 07/20/08
Quickport Export of Time Clock Hours is now functional!-Done 7/20/08

Version 9.24 07/19/08
"Time Clock Management" BETA testing has begun with two gyms. 
We will continue to add reports during the final phases of this BETA testing (we now have 10 report buttons working on this screen).
On the "Go To Schedule" button on the class screen :
Previously, if you selected a class that is out of range (start & end date of the class) to "today's date" a "Bad Date" message is given because the class was not a current class that fits into a current term. We changed the code in VCS. Now, if the class selected is out of range to a "current term" the system now resets the date to the mid range of the selected class thus not giving a "bad date" error-Done 7/17-08
Improved the attendence color indicators on the schedule screen:
White only is activated when "all" the attendence has been taken "including make-ups"-Done 7/17/08

Corrected missing attendence report to include make-up students-DONE 7/19/08
Changed the supress refresh selection to "on" as a default-Done 7/17/08
Fix time block order bug-Done 7/16/08
Add message to time setup screen-Done 7/16/08
Add tooltips to time manager report screen-Done-7/16/08
Completed the "tmschrep " report on the time manager reports screen-Done 7/16/08
Completed the "Overtime Hours by Work Week" report on the time manager reports screen-Done 7/15/08
Completed total hours by week report on the time manager reports screen-Done 7/13/08
Added a batch check before processing EFT transactions which checks for duplicate line numbers-Done 7/10/08
Completed Hour Detail For Date Range Report on the Time Manager Screen-Done 7/10/08
Completed Time Clock notes reports on the time manager reports screen-Done 7/7/08
Completed total hours by date range report on the time manager reports screen-Done 7/5/08
Completed the time clock grid and schedule grid reports on the Time Manager Reports screen-Done 7/3/08
Version 9.24 6/30/08
Added an option on the system screen to include camps and clinics when calculating total classes for students and customers-DONE 6/29/08

Added an option on the customer screen to use either active students or the any activity flag to determine active or inactive for selecting customers-DONE 6/29/08

Bug: Fixed the bug that disabled the line item accounting flag on the system/Accounting options tab-Please check your settings on this page and also update your school and fiscal  years!-DONE 6/29/08

Added time manager report screen which is fully functional except for running reports (you can see what is coming)-DONE 6/29/08

Added pay period configuration to system time clock tab
Add the ability to group by class type on the "distribution by class charge range" report-DONE 6/26/08

Added ability to exclude schedule blocks where teacher is marked absence when copying schedule to the time clock table-Done 6/26/08

Version 9.24 6/24/08
Added a selection filter on the customer screen for the any activity flag set during system verification
Added an "any activity flag" to the customer file and a system field to denote the number of past days within which activity must occure to set the activity flag.
NOTE: This flag is set when doing system verification. Users should do system verification every day. Use this filter to select camp, privite lesson, and birthday party activity, agency activity, including regular tuition classes-DO?NE 6/24/08
Added the ability to print or not print the bithday on the enrollment forms-DONE 6/24/08
Added the ability to set ages for class defaults to the nearest half year-DONE 6/18/08
Added the ability to add a customer note for selected student or staff member on the attendance screen-DONE 6/18/08
Version 9.24 6/17/08
Finished timeclock program reports(hours and schedule) and time manager screen schedule totals report

Finished the job code screen reports
Changed some colors - ability to set your own color scheme coming soon!
Fixed duplicate staff bug
Added who's here section on the Owners snapshot report

Corrected bug that caused name on account to be omitted from the EFT file when doing all pay by EFT while using the include/exclude button-DONE 6/11/08
Version 9.23 6/7/08
Fixed schedule add button to correctly add block according to staff member's non-class default job code.

Added up and down arrows to move to previous or next block and ability to restrict this to blocks with added or changed notes on the right-hand display.

Add inactive class filter for importing teacher data to the time manager schedule screen.
Version 9.23 6/6/08
Time manager screen - Fixed bug when clicking on grids, made extend gap value inclusive, added "Note Changed" checkbox  to indicate that staff member added or changed a user note - displays red in note status box on time clock graphic display, changes to yellow ( or green if also supervisor note) when unchecked.  This allows manager to easily spot notes that need attention and then uncheck the note changed field once the note has been read and responded to.
Time Clock screen - fixed bug in break rounding,  added code to set note changed field when note is added or changed.

Attendance screen - fixed bug that save button was not being activated when substitute teacher was added.

Version 9.23 6/5/08
Fixed bugs on customer screen when clicking on PL/Camp/Clinics tab, Class Info Button, changing/adding SUID

Fixed bug on marketing screen when printing or sending emails

Time manager screen - Added schedule estimated $ to schedule grid, edit staff job codes button

Time setup screen - added setup report
Report screen - made print restart and end non-case sensitive
Fixed bug on owner snapshot report-DONE 5/29/08
Version 9.23 5/28/08
Version 9.23 5/27/08
MAJOR NEW ADDITION TO VCS GOLD: Employee Time Clock Management System integrated to teacher class schedules including special events, private lessons & camps.
This TIME CLOCK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM added to Visual Class Soft is in reality an entirely new "BETA" software package release available to our users. This is still in the testing "beta" stage of development. We are not charging current users for this new system. Purchasing a similar system in todays marked would cost approximately $800 to $2000. The major difference is the new VCS Time Clock Management System relates to specific staff scheduleing of classes, birthday parties, camps & private lessons. WE WILL DISCUSS THE USE OF THIS SYSTEM DURING THE JANUARY 2009 OFFICE MANAGERS CONFERENCE. Users who would like to test the system will have to follow the help file explanations for setup and use. We at this time cannot train anyone on this new system. We are looking for "BETA TESTERS"  and feadback only at this time. Please look at the HELP FILE for furthur details.
Added Help file descriptions for the new Time Clock System-DONE 5/28/08
Added adjustment of file containing key fields if a purge of financial AR items is performed-DONE 5/28/08
Add descriptions for multi student discount for camps and clinics in the help file - This needed furthur explaination! Users need to understand this concept if they are doing multi student discounts when setting up camps using the rostered events category type rather than classes. The student discounts are set up differently because of multiple class periods during the week-DONE 5/28/08
Added options on the Purge Screen to allow deletion of marked in addition of keeping marked customers and prospects-DONE 5/25/08
Added option on the Purge screen to delete customers by age of students similar to what was available for Prospect Purge-DONE 5/25/08

Added option on the Purge screen to delete prospects by last contact date-DONE 5/25/08

Fixed a duplicate schedule verification error involving trial class students - DONE 5/18/08

Enrollment Screen - added select all and remove all buttons to the period selection list. Select all button is only enabled when there is only one teacher for the class.
Reminder!!! Do not remove any periods from the roll record when dropping or transfering students from a class!!! Only use remove all if you have made a mistake during the initial enrollment of a student. THIS IS IMPORTANT! - DONE 5/1/08
Version 9.22 4/23/08 b
Enrollment screen - don't allow save if missing transfer date or drop date when doing drops or transfers-DONE 4/23/08
Marketing Screen - When selecting only dropped enrollments, display students dropped within date range if either date is entered. Otherwise, only show students dropped before today's date (consider students dropped in future as still enrolled as per usual)-DONE 4/23/08
Version 9.22 4/23/08 a
Added extra code to make sure that no transfered classes can be billed after the transfer if for any reason the quit date was not properly inputted (Blank)-Done 4/22/08
Added the second "signature roll" report for camp & clinic classes. Will allow for 5 days of sign-in/sign-out at a time including Saturdays and Sundays-DONE 4/10/08

Tweek the level 2 field to allow spaces without wrapping-Done 4/10/08

Fixed code-when a user id is changed on the customer screen to properly change teacher id's in teacher lists of classes & class schedules-DONE 4/8/08
Added a filter on the statement report criteria to exclude auto pay customers when printing mass statements -DONE 3/23/08

Tweeked the refresh code on the customer screen to make sure the customer that is selected on the grid is displayed properly on the upper part of the screen-DONE 3/23/08

Set system statis flag to prevent scheduled events from occuring on payment & manual billing screens during edit of data-DONE 3/18/08

Version 9.22 3/6/08
The following is only needed if gyms use the task scheduler and also upload their data to be used or viewed at home:
Added an environment variable that would allow home computers to download data from the the gym locations without executing tasks on the home computer-DONE 3/6/08
The variable is:
Disable task scheduler if environment variable = VCS_NO_TASK_BUT = XXX
Enable if empty, doesn't exist , or value includes site ID
Note that computer must be rebooted to make env. variable available

Added button on Attendance screen to remove trial class student (same effect as delete student on the "class screen/trial tab" but more convienient)-DONE 3/6/08

New Printing options added to the print memo screen-DONE 3/4/08
allow setting heading and font size when printing texts and messages set printed heading to 'OWNER SNAPSHOT REPORT'

Updated the latest features and changes on the Help Screen-DONE 3/6/08

Version 9.22 3/1/08
Changed the Customer Statement Form from "Private Lesson" Summary Description to "Camps/Clinics/PL"-DONE 3/1/08
Bug: Increased the slots and minute field size to accommodate the larger numbers generated for camps and clinics-DONE 2/29/08
Bug: Corrected the bug occuring when printing class sign-in sheets - DONE 2/24/08

Version 9.21 2/19/08
Changed the default class roll printing date ranges to the date of the computer-DONE 2/11/08
Added the ability to show the class make-up rolls as part of the regular rolls-DONE 2/11/08

Version 9.21 DONE 2/8//08
calc_chg.prg - fixed to prevent trial classes from being billed - DONE 2/8//08
Added a task called "SHUTNEXT" on the task scheduler screen - shuts down next opportunity after completing any system tasks scheduled DONE 2/8//08
checked shutnext - going immediately into task scheduler upon login & setting shutnext task status on lower left to 'D' WILL disable shutdown - DONE 2/8//08
Note - must check Shutdown/Clr checkbox to see on task scheduler screen - DONE 2/8//08

Version 9.21 1/31/08
Added the ability to schedule pop up warnings to users who have follow up and/or action notes
Tweaked the code for Utilities/Special Billing / Special Class Billing to prevent possible billing of the wrong class or the unintentional double billing for the same class-DONE 1/5/08
Added the customer balance to all the student grids to allow balances to be displayed on the grids and used in student reports

Version 9.21 1/1/08
Added a special AR group for any "REFUND CYCLE" used to refund previously paid AR items-DONE 12/31/07
Modified the customer history report so it would show any "REFUND AR ITEMS" in comments attached to any payments that were distributed to them-DONE 12/31/07
BUG FIX: Red screen that occured when sorting the communication / roll grid-DONE 12/29/07
BUG FIX: Red screen when deleting payment records when other screens are open-DONE 12/29/07

Version 9.21 12/11/07
Added a default note to the the 1st 10 characters of the reference field section "Company Discretionalry Data" within the NACHA file to include each merchants phone # on their draft billings- This number is 10 digits with no dashes on all AUTO EFT transaction drafts. - The Merchant Name is included automatically on each customer's bank statement. Merchants may request MMOA to substitue a more recognizable merchant name if desired-DONE 12/11/07

On the /Utilities Auto Pay screen-readjusted the item number in the CSKEYS file back to item number 1 when a payment batch is created and then undone-DONE 12/11/07

Added a step by step credit card and EFT processing "to do list" outline in two of the main sections of the help file-DONE 12/12/07

On the /Utilities Auto Pay screen-readjusted the item number in the CSKEYS file back to item number 1 when a payment batch is created and then undone-DONE 12/12/07

On the payment screen-corrected a bug which occured when adding a payment with the use of the student selection criteria to get to the proper customer-DONE 12/11/07

Update help file sense for features added since11/27/07: Mass email report/ Communication screen and payment screen marked and clear marked buttons

Added set and clear custimer mark buttons to the "all payment" screen Added the customer, student, and class marks to the "Communication Srceen/Roll Grid)

Added an "Attendance Missed" report to the class screen-DONE 12/6/07
Fixed small bug on printout or display of a 2nd roll sheet page-The class code was switching to the next class-Boerne if a makeup was part of the data-DONE 12/5/07

Added "class mark" to class screengrid, get class screen grid, multiple get class screen gred, and the communication screen grid-DONE 12/4/07
Fixed bug in multiple get class screen (marked and active class criteria misnamed)-DONE 12/4/07
Added "student mark" to cust screen grid, get student screen grid, and the comm screen grid-DONE 12/4/07
Fixed bug in get student screen (grid size wrong - went past bottom so scroll bar not visible)-DONE 12/4/07

Version 9.20 12/02/07
Class screen - added set and clear class mark buttons, class mark field, class mark criteria, and changed inactive criteria to active criteria - DONE 11/29
Student Screen - added student mark field - DONE 11/29/07

Communication Screen - added set and clear class mark buttons, set and clear student mark buttons, class mark criteria, student mark criteria, and changed inactive criteria to active criteria - DONE 11/29/07

All Charges Screen - added set and clear customer mark by payor, customer mark by customer, student mark, and class mark buttons - DONE 11/29/07

Autobilling- added only bill marked class option to tuition tab - DONE 11/29/07

Added the ability to email customer history directly from the reports screen -Done 11/28/07

Added buttons on the communications screen to clear and set the marked field in the customer file based on the current selection in the communication screen grid. This allows you to mark the customer file according to multiple criteria on the communication screen. This effectively gives the ability to add "or" criteria to any selection combination. First set all your marked customers using different criteria for each filter setting desired. Then clear all your settings. Then do a final selection filter for "marked only". This greatly expands the capabilities of the communication grid as well as any other reports that offer the selection by the "marked" field. - Done 11/28/07

Version 9.20 11/27/07
The Customer screen display has recently slowed down. We feel this was caused by the extra screen refreshes necessary when we added the new personal configuration setup feature. Our customers love this flexibility so, of course, we do not want to remove it. We did, however, modified this function in this update. We feel this code change will increase the screen refresh speed substantially. We had some customers call us concerning this matter. If you were one of these customers, please let us know if your system is responding any faster after this update!

Auto Pay Screen - prevent going to posted batch & changed 'Order by Troutd' to 'Order by Refnum' for Orbital-Done 11/25/07
Added declined CC email button-Done 11/25/07
Fixed occasional bug with 'variable email not found' in declined and advance CC and advanced EFT notifications-Done 11/25/07
Added cc_declined.txt to both VCS and VCSMAST projects under "Text Files" on "Other" tab before rebuilding-Done 11/25/07

Change the wording on all the screens displaying private lessons to "Camps Clinics PL". Also change the wording on the Billing Category on the "Utilities/Billing Screen" and all other screen displays effected.

Changed the default Class Screen PrivLessons Tab to read as default "Camps Clinics". If you choose a Private Lesson Class on the "class screen grid" the tab will change it's name to Private Lessons.

Added help explanation for term category types for the new clinic, camps, and rostered events class functions-Done 11/22/07
Any gym setting up camps and clinics should read the "Setting up Day Camps/Clincs" section of the help file. You now have additional options available to you. You should also read the Help file "Utilities-Time Structure" section to understand the new camp and clinic time categories and category types used for camps & clinics settup.

Updated the help file reflecting any of the new code additions.
Updated and added many additional tool tips (AutoPay Screen)

Version 9.20 11/19/07
Fixed bug with private lesson roll printouts
Fixed bug with student counts not calculated correctly after 9.20 update
Fixed general email screen to allow multiple attachments & not pop up configuration default menu when saving email lists or texts

Version 9.20 11/19/07

Add additional logic for daily/weekly camp & clinic setup, scheduling and roll functions. It is now much easier to set up your special events including rostered open gym & sleepovers
To do this we added a separate field for scheduling type in the category file. This allows for multiple categories of special types such as special events, competitive teams & camps. We also changed the titles of the appropriate tabs on the class screens if a camp or cliic class is selected in the grid.

Changed the wording of credit card refunds from chargeback to credit card refund
Added the other discount field on all billing journals viewed and printed after auto billing. This discount shows "EPC" credits - done 11/10/07
Added the EPC, "calculate as other discount" option to the the system screen as a default choice - Done 11/10/07
Added the ability to allow the snapshot report to print for only one or two items instead of requiring a 3 item selection - Done 11/10/07

Bug: Corrected the red screen that accurs when updating customer credit card or EFT information from the payments screen. Added a popup screen that announced that the update of this information was completed - Done 10/10/07

Version 9.19 11/07/07
Added the ability to convert the EPC credit to a discount on the "Auto Billing" screen for tuition only Credit Card/EFT transactions- Done 11/7/07

On the Prospect Screen:
Change the proportions of the sections on the screen - Done 11/6/07
Add Emergency and Alternate number - Done 11/6/07
Change the method of selecting letters, emails, etc. to the same style on the communication screen - Done 11/6/07

Corrected a small bug-When filtering classes on the class screen, if users accidentally put a square indicator around a field name with no data a red screen would result when selecting the filter - Done 11/07/07

Change the attendance report to reflect any make-ups scheduled or completed. If make-ups are scheduled or completed we will now count students as attended in the original missed class and we will not include this student in the call lists for teachers. This addition will help gyms who require teachers to call absentee students - Done 11/7//07

Added the room and the class number field to the customer screen enrollment grid data - Done 11/7/07
On the custom reports header - added code to keep the discription centered when adding a left side margin - Done 11/6/07

Added a Check to validify file names & paths when saving or exporting files from Visual Class Soft (example-spaces & special charactors will cause errors) - Done 11/6/07

On customer notes field - Expand the drop down menu to allow more characters - Done 11/6/07
Modified the AR Setup Report to allow printing of one cycle at a time with a choice to print Payment Related information - Done 10/25/07
Corrrected "class sign in report" - Done 10/28/07

Version 9.19 10/24/07
Corrected the bug on the owners snapshot report that came up if the user had no credits posted in a program. Done 10/20/07
Updated the VCS Master File. Combined both programs into one VCS file. Done 10/20/07
Added a structure report on the Master File - Done 10/23/04
Adjusted the "auto complete" feature on all the "auto complete" fields
Added a Help Topic "Setting up Day Camps/Clinics" under the "Classes & Events" section
Added the Help Topic"Setting up Events"under the"Classes & Events"section. Read this if you would like to set up birthday parties
Tweaked the class roll reports to allow more students per page
Added the class description to the class roll "sign in" report

Version 9.19 10/15/07
Added the terminal ID to the credit card Group Number for Orbital (if different from TID "001")

Version 9.19 10/12/07
Added the student's birthdate to the class roll grid. Remember, you may position any of the records on the grid by moving and adjusting the fields. Then go to the class grid and save the configuration as the system default.

Version 9.19 10/10/07
Widen the class code data input field
Placed a "go to customer" button on the distribution screen Added keyboarded shortcuts to the top level buttons. Use the alt key combined with the underlined letter on each of the button descriptions to open any main screens
Added additional keyboard shortcuts "ctr s" for saving data and "ctr U" for undo data entries
Widen the "Last Name" data entry field on the customer screen
Added regions to the prospect grid
Added a "Go to Payor Button" and a "Go to Customer Button" on the All Charges Screen
Also, on the All Charges Screen we Added a double click on the data grid to go to the customer and a "Rt Click" to go to Payer on the customer screen
added a "go to" customer button on the distribution screen
Finished the Master System File updates
Added "N" of "M "page numbers to all reports except for statements
Add a "screen refrsh" suppression toggle check box on the schedule screen. this allows for quicker attendance data input.

Version 9.19 10/7/07
Lightend the Menu Button Colors and we made the data entry fields default to bold face. These changes will make the system screens easier to reading at higher resolutions
Widen the slots/period on all related screens to allow 3 digits (999 slots per period)
Added a region selection on the Prospect criteria screen (The region number is derived indirectly from the state)

Version 9.19 10/3/07
Made it possible to enter the normal school day start and end time on the system setup screen which will limit the hours displayed on the schedule screen. This eliminates the problem where extended hour events cause the time slots to be scrunched (narrow). Classes that start before or after the entered time range will show in a special box before or after the regular day.

Version 9.18 10/01/07
Made it easier to read the AR items on the manual billing screen
Fixed the bug with page numbers on the statements
Fixed the bug when printing the new system log
Added a password protect prompt to the owners report
Added the ability to print balance forward statements when there are only payments
Added the ability to change the visability of the owner snapshot button by loging on to another user without exiting the program

Class Roll,Make-ups and Trial Class and Schedule Screen Adjustments: Added a button on the class screen to go directly to the schedule screen for the current week for the currently selected class on the grid or the roll tab.

On the class schedule screen roll display - Added the ability to display the current number including scheduled "make-ups" & scheduled "trial class" students minus any "called in absences" along with the current roll for any one class period. Also adjusted the counts for adds, drops and transfers. This will prevent overbooking of classes and quicker scheduleing for makeup and trial classes.

Added a special button to go directly to the class schedule screen to a specific class selected on the class grid and roll tabs. This mkes it mch easier to find any class for scheduling trial classes and makeups.

Added a button on the attendance screen to directly schedule a trial class.
Enabled the makeups and the trial classes to automatically print on the class rolls if they are within the dates printed

Put 2 new class roll defaults choices on the Utilities/System/roll options tab- append wait list and default roll header printed before the attendance date range

Added the ability to append the wait list to the roll file - The wait list student will have inserted in their roll note. Wait list students are appended by date entered.

Version 9.18 09/23/07
Added a "business at a glance" snapshot reporting screen. This screen features a variety of real time statistical and yearly comparisons just for owners! All important business summary data will be displayed with a click of each tab representing different business categories. Suggestions will be taken to expand any of these business categories. We can even create new categories if desired. Requires administrative passwords to view. These categories are:br current general statistics
current teacher information
financial year to date comparisons
yearly enrollment comparisons
yearly private lesson comparisons
and yearly event comparisons

Added the report editing and report selection tool to every the multiple class selection screen allowing users to immediately print out available classes for multiple student.
Redesigned the headers on the one column no picture class roll printouts - with emphasis on class description & tescher needs rather than on front desk needs
Redesigned the headers on the two column picture class roll printouts - with emphasis on class description & tescher needs rather than on front desk needs
Automatically place the trial class note / makeup note on the class roll printout

Version 9.18 9/11/07
Changed the color of the tabs on the auto pay screen for easier viewing
Changed the link to the new MMOA /ACH reporting site

Version 9.18 9/07/07
completed the email options testing in all areas that allow emails (email teacher schedules/EFT notification ETC. 8/27/07
Added a percentage option on the "Utilities/Auto Pay/ Tuition" screen that would allow a percentage variable for partial month billings. Requested by Mike mann at Fancy Feet Dance Studio - DONE 9/7/07

Version 9.18 8/22/07
Increased the version expiration dates for all customers who have paid their 2007-08 license fees. If your license expiration date is still set for September 1, 2007 please call Gary before the end of the month.

COMPLETEY RE-WROTE THE ENTIRE HELP FILE. It is strongly recommended that users who have been on the system for a number of years actually take time out of the day to read portions of this help file. Do not try to read it all at once. There are many little notes and shortcuts that will increase the efficiency of your daily work. Over the past few years we added and changed numerous software features. Help file features that were missing are now added and features that have been changed have now been modified. The help file, as of today, is totally up to date! We also spell checked the file using our new spell check feature within VCS!

Created a new escrow report displaying customers with escrow balance totals

Added an automatic "roll note" to a trial class student indicating that this class is a trial class

Added a feature to allow the increase/decrease of font sizes on the help file screen by holding the control (CTRL) key down & scroll up or down using the scroll wheel on your mouse. This feature also works on other text fields. Printing any of these memos will revert back to the default font. This should help all users with poor eye sight!

When entering payments from the customer tab - we eliminated the pass word request if the payment file is currently open. This will be useful when entering customer and student information from registration cards specially during the first part of the school year. Requested from Dawn at Salem Gymnastics.

Users now have the option to skip the email failure messages during a mass email & continue to the end of the list. A log file entry pertaining to the failed and successful emails sent will be noted in the system log. We Placed a check box on the email disposal screen to suppress error messages. Request from Wendy at Carolina Gymnastics.

Added the ability to attach multiple files when sending emails.
Added an option to the task scheduler to do an automatic zip & upload to the backup options you can schedule.
Added a restriction that students cannot be deleted if any billing records have been linked to the student
Added a restriction that negative prices are not allowed on any AR item

Added a pay by escrow feature to the Utilities / Auto Billing / Special Registration function

Version 9.17 7/25/07

Added the following within the new "Task Scheduler Utility" button on the utility screen:
Added system functions for the new "AUTOMATIC TASK SCHEDULER" for daily reindex, system verification and backup functions
For Example: The automatic functions could be done each evening at 11pm when the gym is closed

Added other general automatic "TASK SCHEDULAR" functions:
You can automatically scroll announcements to your waiting room parents
You can automatically schedule student birthday greetings to spectators on a waiting room monitor
You can automatically scroll pictures with text (weekly student birthdays) to your waiting room parents
You can automatically pop up a "nag to do list"
You can schedule other messages to all users , to specific staff types or specific users.

Version 9.16 7/23/07
Modified the phone number format on the payments screen
Added a "transfer from the wait list" button - you can now place a child in a completly separate class from an unrelated wait list class
Added the ability to copy class wait lists when copying classes from term to term (year to year)
Added the screen configuration utility to the distribution screen & the payments screen
Setup default screen configurations and added code to the update process to pull in default screen configurations on VCS screens
Added the screen configuration utility to the class roll grid - Done on 7/23/07
Changed "configuration save options" to use pop up box rather than shift / click combinations DONE 7/23/07
Added a prompt when printing "address list" on the communication screen (student & roll grids) to address to unique customer . The default is unique student - Done 7/23/07

Version 9.16 7/11/07
Added a row height adjustment within system configurations to allow users to set the height of the grid rows 7/13/07
Added an option on all the class roll reports to print or to exclude the home phone# on each of the class roll optional reports. 7/12/07
Added an option on the AR Snapshot Report to replace the the customer phone# with the customer 1st name on the printed report. 7/11/07
BUG FIX: Fiixed bug that occured on the schedule screen if you select a condition with no records - updated on 7/10/07
BUG FIX: Fixed bug that occured if you changed the value of a term on the "Utilities / Time Structure" screen - updated on 7/9/07
BUG FIX: Fixed error when attempting to reverse a special class billing - updated 7/5/07

Version 9.16 6/27/07
BUG FIX: When doing a zip and upload, the system files would sometime disapear and the site id would not be placed into the backup file name. Even though this was a very infrequent problem it was an important bug to fix because it occured during the zip and upload process.

Added a purge option by student age within the "prospect file"- Posted 6/15/07
Made the "Non Pre-printed Form" selection a default for the printing of statements

Version 9.16 6/10/07
Added a reminder to re-input the the room data after changing the location of a class.
On the newly redesigned "SYS INFO" button on the "UTILITY" screen:
Corrected shutdown bug in the new automatic shutdown code. Please click the "cleanup file" button to reset your current user status.

Version 9.16 6/8/07
The private lesson manual billing tab now displays private lesson AR items exclusivly
Added "slots filled" per period data to the Class Openings Report

Version 9.16 6/6/07
Added check to make sure the current VCS version is not older than the data that is being restored with a warning to update to the current version first.
Added a picture ID report to the class roll printing options
Added a quick mailing address list to the "Other Information Tab" on the customer screen.
This simple mail list export function is available to VCS Silver users who do not have access to the communication screen.

Version 9.16 5/20/07


The New system expiration dates (Forced Update) were posted on May 20th, 2007
Everyone must update between May 20th & May 30th, 2007

Added the following within the new "System Log" button on the utility screen:
Added Functions to save important events in a system log file
Added a screen to view and print report events in the system log file
Added code to record system startup, shutdown, login, system update, backup, restore, reindex, and system verification events
Added code to update new files structures and content to accommodate the new system log

Improved the "System Info" Button on the Utility Screen:
Added a totaly new display screen for the "System Information" button & improved the information being displayed
Added an "administrator" automatic shutdown feature on the "System Info" screen.
This shutdown feature will allow administrators "to warn" & "to shut down" VCS on all computers from one workstation

Improved the "red screen" error routine to include error handling option to exit to the main screen instead of aborting the entire program. We also improved the shutdown error option to work properly. Both these options will allow exiting from endless error loops without requiring the windows task manager to shut down VCS.

Updated code on system login to make it easier to log in if you accidently pick the wrong user

Version 9.15 5/13/07
Added a spell checker to work with statement messages and text editing windows
Press the "F7" key on any text box or edit box to check spelling

Version 9.15 5/4/07
Added a prompt to confirm "processing" or "voiding" credit card transactions just in case users click the process or void button by accident
Added a report on the class screen that will calculate & display up to 16 days of sceduled teacher hrs and/or actual teacher class hrs.
Actual teacher hours are calculated from the attendance records. Users must take proper attendance to work properly.
Modified the class screen to accomodate the new teacher hour report

Version 9.15 4/30/07
Corrected the sent email notification report to reflect the actual sent date
On the class selecton screen and the class screen the filter using "high age" or "low age = zero" will now work properly
On the customer screen default configuration, the grid selection bar will now go to the top of the screen
Set a default within the report screen statement option choices to "line item statement" if the customer is using line item accounting

Version 9.15 4/15/07
Updated VCS Fix program to version 9.15 (VCSFIX.EXE)
Added a new program to selectivly backup files to the VCS server (VCSBKUP.EXE). Use only with instructions from Classroom Systems (Gary)
Changed the required quarterly VCS update warnings on Sep 1st, Dec 1st, Mar 1st and Jun 1st of each year.
Changed the yearly license payment warning for VCS Gold and VCS Silver systems

Version 9.15 4/15/07
Corrected error responce on PCCharge timeout error.
Changed the 2 note sections on all statement forms to automatically center the line on the statement. Word word wrap will work as usual.

Version 9.15 4/6/07
Two of our customers (Paula & Kimball) found another 2 small bugs on our new manual billing screen. We duplicated them and we did the correction.
On the manual billing screen/corrections tab we have corrected the following:
First Bug: You can (as before the interface change) create a note on a reversal transaction
Second Bug: The reversals will now refresh properly and will not permit a second reversal from being created related to the same charge
We also will give you a warning if you try to create 2 reversals to the same billing.

Version 9.15 4/3/07
Fixed the print magins on the new invoice to fit within laser jet margin paremeters
Fixed the set home location feature on the "Utilities/Purge & Merge Screen"
Added a a progress indicator to the auto EFT and auto Credit Card curtesy email notification
Corrected system verification to avoid the quantity = "0" error on tax items generated in the new invoices

On the manual billing merchandise tab we added the following validation conditions:
1. require a tax rate selection before entering a taxable item
2. check to make sure the tax rate on an invoice matched the tax item tax rate
3. check to make sure the tax rate on a taxable item is the same as previously entered invoice tax item and other items within the invoice. Multiple tax rates on the same sale will require multiple invoices

Version 9.15 3/30/07




Agency Pay:
Select the agency to pay the bill and the agency pay item is automatically created. You just have to fill in the amount the agency will pay.
Changing the agency pay A/R item line is no longer permitted and is also unnecessary within the new system since it will automatically be changed when the customer item is changed.

Agency Pay Corrections:
You now are only allowed to change the original charge item made to the parent.
The agency pay item will then be automatically adjusted reflecting any changes to the original parent charges.
If you select an agency pay item for which no corresponding customer item is found you may reverse this agency pay item by itself. This situation normally should not occure.
If you select a customer item for reversal the agency pay item will be reversed with it if it is found.
If you select a customer item for correction which should have an agency pay item, it will automatically be created if it is not found
If you select a customer item that has a corresponding agency pay record, correction records to both will be created.
If you change the customer record to no agency pay the agency pay correction record will then be deleted.

Pay by Escrow:
The ability to pay by escrow was added to the manual bill "corrections" and "other charges" tabs.
This gives greater flexibility to charge and correct escrow accounts.

Carefully read the following if you are presently computing taxes on your present system!
Figuring the tax by each item was allowed in the old system. You may still use this method if you wish just as you have done in the past by putting the items under the "Other Billing" category and entering them on the "other charges tab"! Or, you may use both methods.

Tax account setup if you wish to use invoice accounting on the merchandise screen: Note: This only applies to those accounts set up on the merchandise screen.
Go to the Utilities/Billing Accounts Receivable Screen.
To use this method to figure tax, you must create your own tax account in the "Merchandise" billing group, "General" program account.
The option A/R Group setting must be tagged with the letters TAX for this general account (cycle).
Then create the A/R tax item as your billing account on the A/R items tab below. You can name this account "Sales Tax" if you wish including the state/county etc.
This new tax account will be used to calculate the tax on multiple items within one invoice on the merchandise screen.

The tax calculation is done automatically as you add different items to any invoice and will be billed.
This tax item will have its own billing line using the tax A/R item you set up as described above which should be selected for use on the merchandise screen.
You should only have one of these A/R tax items although in the future we may allow for multiple taxes rates for different locals.
If there are no taxable items on the invoice, then no tax item will be created.

Call Gary if you have questions concerning this method of calculating pro shop taxes (this is just like your normal storefront would do it).

This next section explains the method for entering an external EFT billing transaction that was not previously billed by the VCS EFT auto pay system.
We added the ability to post an external EFT. This billing method is used when someone initiates an EFT payment to your account from an external source rather than you initiating it through transmittal to MMOA. To enter this EFT bill, manually create an EFT payment record the way you normally do, but before saving this record, double click on the word unprocessed and click on yes when the system asks you if the transaction is processed externally. This will allow you to save the record without having to enter the banking information which is not needed for this transaction because the deposit has already been made to you bank. Then double click on the word processed to settle this transaction to insure that this transaction does not show up in your normal EFT transmission data.

This next section is important to all Visual Class Soft users using auto pay credit card and EFT processing:
We added a transaction timer to the Orbital Credit Card Processing system. This is indicating a vast difference in transaction time compared to the PCCharge system.
We are getting "1.4 SECONDS" per transaction to authorize a credit card transaction. If you are using PCCharge you can compare the difference.
It should take two and a half minutes to authorize 100 credit card transactions.
We are also getting "3 TENTHS OF A SECOND" per transaction to void a transaction.
Gary can give you the advantages and disadvantages for using the new Orbital gateway certification just approved within the Visual Class Soft software.

Version 9.14 3/27/07
Added a data check to insure that all customer banking information is present before doing an EFT batch transmittal to MMOA

Version 9.14 Posted 2/19/07
Added the student name to all tuition AR Auto Pay email notification items. We also are now placing the amount of each AR item in the left column.

Version 9.14 Posted 3/14/07
Added the responce time calculation to both the Orbital and PCCharge processing notes.
The length of each transaction is now timed and displayed in the note.

Added a special digit to the right of the federal tax ID number on the system screen. This tag will be used by multiple site gyms using the same federal tax ID wishing to deposit ACH transaction funds into more than one bank account . Do not input any data into this record unless instructed by Classroom Systems!

Version 9.14 Posted 3/11/07
Added a pay by escrow option on the "Manual Charges"/ "Posted Charge Corrections" Tab

Version 9.14 Posted 3/4/07
To protect from potential cash drawer problems we new must ask for the cash drawer when entering a payment from the customer or the manual charge screen.

Version 9.14 Posted 3/1/07
Changed tab order on the customer screen
Added a data check to protect against invalid date entries on the AR item setup screen. Users can over ride this feature by using the calendar.

On the EMail screen:
Added a delay between sends of email and the ability to set the delay "between zero & 99" seconds.
Added the removal of invalid emails when using the cleanup buttons.
Added the result of invalid emails if you run thru them without removing.
Fixed the enabling and disabling of other fields when running consecutive emails.

Version 9.14 Posted 2/14/07
On the class screen, the class selection and the multiple class selection screen we added a default filter to exclude the inactive classes

Version 9.14 Posted 2/10/07
Updated the expiration date to 6/1/07 for all current VCS users
Fixed the VCS Comp field replace file

Version 9.13 Posted 2/8/07
Took out summary totals and discriptions on top left of balance forward statement if not using line item accounting
Added a filter option for statements to include only customers with special mark checked on the customer screen
Added the changes for the new distribution fields for the customer and the distribution screens
enabled the student screen attencence button for VCS light (silver)

Version 9.12 Posted 1/21/07
Refined the transfer all and copy all class functions

Version 9.12 Posted 1/11/07

Fixed positioning of clickable area on command buttons.
Corrected test for missing tax id on ACH transmittal
Fixed red screen when picking agency billings on all charges screen

Version 9.11 Posted 12/20/06
We are now asking if the any Credit Card payment transaction is "externally or internally Processed" every time a credit card item is entered manually. Logically, 99% of the time VCS users entering manual Credit Card transactions are entering these transactions from terminal settled slips. The program will now ask for internal or external varification even if there is credit card information on the payment information tab on the customer screen.

Version 9.11 Posted 12/8/06
Changed the Payment Screen to display only the EFT or Credit Card Information. This display is dependent on the "pay type" selection in the grid.
On the "utilities/system/accounting and class roll options tab-added the ability to restrict cashier access to the all charges and all payments tab

Version 9.11 Posted 12/4/06
Changed the tax field to allow for 3 decimals places for Eagles Gymnastics - The MO state representatives are not too bright
Added automatic fail over code to the Secondary Server for Orbial processing with a debug option
Fixed the Orbital Link and added all support phone numbers to the Links Tab
Added an option to the system screen to disallow cashier access to financial reports unless they have administrator status

Version 9.10 Posted 12/01/06
Received the Paymentech Orbital Gateway Certification for xml processing of Credit Cards from VCS and Internet based transactions
Corrected a recent bug in the EFT NACHA file creation code
Changed the EFT transmittal fax number
Put the MMOA customer support numbers on the Auto Pay Credit Card Tab
Changed the email filter on the marketing screen to include the invalid email address with the empty email addresses
Changed the email filter on the marketing screen to exclude the invalid email addresses with the valid emal addresses
Fixed the AVS responce on PCCharge customers
Checked emails when sending to validate all addresses before sending

Version 9.10 Posted 11/27/06
Programmed in a email verification check - emails without an @ or with invalid characters will not be included in the email list

The next items all relate to additional programming related to Orbital Gateway credit card processing.
Make code to erase tracenum be dependent on not being in certification mode - saved tracenum in paynote for trouble-shooting. Added VCS/Orbital presettlement report fields
Added the Orbital vertual server link in the inquiry button on the payments screen
Make popup that says processing done - does not wait for click(will stop auto-processing)
Make log file name = "orbup" + tracenum
Make auto-pay put comment in comment, not paynote
Added code to automatically remove bad characters from ccname ( & / etc.)
Correct D (declined) status on paymentech platform

Version 9.09 Posted 11/7/06
All license experation dates were changed to March 1, 2007. This will be the next partial year forced update.
Every VCS user needs to update to 9.09 before 12/1/06.
All license warnings should disapear until February of 2007. Thank you to all VCS users for updating your software on a much more frequent basis.

Version 9.08 Posted 11/03/06
Added additional status options to the Payment screen relating to EFT transactions:
Added a "D" status for declined (NSF): When customers get NSF returns, users should now change the stat "P" to "D" ("D" retains the sent date)
The status "E" blanks sent date. Users should use this status if they had zero transaction amounts before the batch was sent.
Users may delete an EFT transaction "before" the batch was sent. Do not delete any transaction item after the NACHA file was sent.

Added a button - to zero the charge amount to zero on all "E" and "D" status items
Email letter containing draft information - We added a prompt warning that the expected date of EFT or Credit Card draft was not entered.