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ClassRoom Systems Welcomes You to our Web Site

Anyone is welcome to browse our web site to obtain information and ideas to stimulate a more productive class management environment in your facility. The following information outlines the basic use of this web site. We will be finishing the product button at a later date.

Forums are used to communicate to each other on a variety of topics. You can even create your own topic! This section allows you to share ideas and recieve information from other businesses with similar interests and problems as yours. Although, most of the forums are geared toward the use of Visual Class Soft, there will be many posts that will in time be dedicated to general business topics. If you would like to add a specific forum email our office and we will put it in for you.

To enter the forum section of the site, you are required to register your gym or dance studio name, and give your basic email and address information. This allows other users to email you, if you post a question. If you would like to help someone out with his question, their email address will be available to you. This is the only section of the web site that requires information from you. When you register please put your gym name down as your name. If your gym name is long, abreviate it and use underscores for spaces or use no spaces at all. You may use any password that you wish. Please be accurate with your information.

Resources can be used to visit other related business sites including service, supply and equipment providers. The Partners Category lists other gyms, dance studios, cheerleading clubs, karate, and child care centers who have similar businesses as your own.Those businesses providing supplies and services are grouped in the Suppliers/Servicescategory Camps may also be listed in the Camps section. If you would like to share your link with us to your own web site please submit your link within your correct category and give us a call. All you need to do is click submit a link and fill in your proper information.

Before you download our demo product we suggest that you read the testimonials first. These testimonials will give you insights and feelings of some of our present users during and after their process of converting to Visual Class Soft. The system is unique in many ways, one of which is the absence of pull down menus. The value of this concept becomes evident after a few days useing the system. It is important for first time users to get familiar with these screen relationships so they will eventually see the powerful time saving features of this unique interface. Until you spend a few weeks using these screens, you will not appreciate their time saving value. It is suggested that you call our office first before you download the system to enable us to help you to set up an educational demo experience.

The news section will display articles, announcements and Visual Class Soft "how to use" tutorials. If you have any questions concerning this site you are welcome to call or email us at any time.

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